.: On-Site Service Call

No need to unplug everything and haul your PC to us. We can come to you.

A service call can cover one of the following:
 > Anti-Virus and Spyware Detection Install
 > Spam Blocker Install (kills 98% of unwanted e-mails)
 > Single Software or Hardware installation (Office XP or a new DVD Burner)
 > Router Networking Setup (includes securing your wireless router)
 > New Computer Setup (Unpack, Connect, and Test your new PC)
 > Diagnostic (for Service Calls where the problem is not fully known)

$90 for the first service, $45 for each additional need.

This price does not include hardware or software, if needed.


.: Phone and Remote Assistance

If your computer needs can be solved over the phone or through the internet, the rate is discounted by 25%.


.: Training

If you want to learn more about computers, from how to install software on your own to how Excel works, we can assist in this area too.

This service is $90 for the first hour, and $45 for each additional hour.


.: Upgrade or Re-Install Windows XP

Upgrading to the most recent Windows Operating System can fix many of your slow performance problems. Whether you are looking to upgrade, or trying to fix your current Windows environment, we can help.

$175 - Includes new hard drive installation (if necessary), installation/re-install of XP, security patches, transfer of data/documents, and setup of the audio, network, and video card. This price does not include hardware or software, if needed.


.: Business Rate

Because businesses may have several needs per visit, we use a billing rate for businesses instead of a flat rate. This gives us the ability to fix more problems on more computers since the rate is per hour and not per task/problem.

$95/hour (Minimum of one hour)

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